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28.04.2021 11:58    Comments: 1    Categories: Some Useful Info      Tags: members admin  

Hi everybody

We are looking into different issues, that popped up when Adobe decided that Flash was discontinued after 1/1-2021. 
Flash is heavily used on RF, as the framework it is build on is quite old. It is a very big task to fix it all, and upgrading to a new version is also a problem, because of many custom changes. First of all viewing Videos is a big issue, as it is a flashviewer which is showing the Videos, and we need to find a replacement for this.  We will also look into uploading of photos, and make it possible to upload bigger pictures to RF, and also to do it directly from a mobile device like an iPad or Mobile phone.

We will do this in small steps and post a "news" here when we are updating the site.

Best regards

Grsr & Graham

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  •  Tie62 wrote 996 Days Ago (neutral) 
    There is still one possibility to watch the videos on a Smart phone. Download the Dolphin app, register yourself with your Regnfrakker account, look for the publisher of the video, you want to watch and then choose the player for watching it (like VLC). A bit complicate, I know.
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