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About Us is a rainwear community, focused on rain gear, rain boots and related subjects, including latex and rubber, in the extend that it is a part of the rain gear fetish. is a platform that has been created to support the community! It been build to give people the opportunity to interact with like-minded people, explore the fetish and learn from others. To see more and get inspired.

This site is for people who's sexual expressions is guided by the principle SSC - Safe, Sane & Consensual. Each member must respect the integrity of others. DO NOT approach others with "dirty talk" unless you know for sure that it's OK. DO NOT stalk or spy on other members.

If you want to discuss delicate stuff in public places (forums or shoutbox), be careful to express yourself tastefully. If you have any problem with your account, have experienced an issue using the website or want to complain over another member, please contact the administrator (

Each member shall contribute positively to the site's culture. Write something about yourself in exchange for taking part of other members material. Passive picture spotters are not welcome!

You are allowed only one membership, and must not provide false information about yourself.


All added material must be related to rainwear fetishism, be tasteful, ethical and owned by yourself. Material there fall outside the rules will be removed without notice. Feel free to tag your material with your name, but do it discreetly and don’t post url’s to other websites. If you post photos of people that you don’t know personally (like photos taken in public) make sure that the persons faces are blurred out.

STANDARD GUIDELINES (shared with public): Spamming is not allowed, so please don’t post the similar kind of photo again and again. Also be aware that albums shared with "public" can seen from the outside by non-members.

RESTRICTED SUBJECTS (shared with friends or groups): Porngraphic material are more than welcome. Visible genitals, masturbation, body fluids, excrements, edge play (extreme bdsm, torture/knife/gun play, breath play, ect.).

STRICTLY FORBIDDEN (may result in ban or/and account deletion): Persons under age (below 18 years old), photos of childrens rainwear, animal sex, copyrighted materials or intentional spamming.


To change the rights for who is viewing your content albums, open a album and click “Edit album” then change the “Allow viewing album to” to the desired setting. It’s a good idea to have at least two albums - one shared with the public and one shared with friends only.

Thank you for joining – take advance of our rain gear community, contribute and be an active part, it benefits all of us – welcome!

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