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05.02.2018 20:43    Comments: 9    Categories: Some Useful Info      Tags: admin  members  database  photos  

Members Database and photo Spring Cleaning:

We are currently doing spring cleaning of our member database and photos.

This includes deletion of:

Members with more than one profile – Our rules clearly state that you are allowed only one membership, and must not provide false information about yourself. So if you have more than one profile, please remove them before the 28 of February 2018.

Inactive members – this both include those who only visited us once after sign-up and anybody who has not been active in the last 12 months. So if you have not visited us in a long time, please login to your profile before the

28 of February 2018.



We are going to remove:

* Duplicated or similar photos

* Not related to the topic

* Copied from other sites.

We will appreciate if you sort out those photos by yourself.


Please feel free to contact us via if you have any questions.


We wish you a great 2018!

Best regards.

Admin –

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  •  AalesundOljeklede wrote 2227 Days Ago (neutral) 


    I've just noticed that 165 of my pictures have been DELETED without any notice from the admins! :(
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  •  pluvius wrote 2294 Days Ago (neutral) 
    It would also be nice If you could remove :
    Very dark pictures
    Very light pictures
    Very blurry pictures
    In other words pictures which are of very low technical quality and it is hard to see any details in. That goes for videos too.
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  •  Tie62 wrote 2328 Days Ago (neutral) 
    I think, the intentions behind the "spring cleaning' are supported by many members. The difficulty is, how to realize it. An example: What are "similar" pictures? Pictures of the same gear? Pictures of the same background? Pictures made on the same day? Or? The next subject: How should it be done? Without a notice? Asking to remove one of the pics? Who is doing it? Automatical? Manual? I think, it will be very difficult to find a satisfying way to handle it and would like to know how it should be done! Thanks!
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  •  Regnpar wrote 2328 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Hello Galon_paret

    Thank you for starting up doing some spring cleaning.

    A proposal could be to block the possibility to vote on members own pictures. Blocking that, the top pictures will contain the pictures voted by more members instead of voted by the member itself.

    Kind regards
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