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Benzophoto Benzmar Orange Suit...
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So i'm just about to start a rainwear buying spree and need your guys help, if you have time and are willing to help a fellow rainwear enthusiast out....


Would anyone be kind enough to tell me what model of suit this is, and where i can get one in the U.K?


If anyone knows, it'll be greatly appreciated and i'll send pictures of me wearing it if anyone can tell me where to get one. ;) ;) ;)




thanks in advance. :)

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From memory, its called a Freya. I tried to get it in the UK and was not able to source it.

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Ah crap, ok at least I have a name which is a good start, thank you so so much.


I'll let you know if I find anywhere so you can get one too. ;)


So next question,anyone know somewhere that'll ship this suit to the u.k, LMAO. :)

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You can find the complete current range of 66N rainwear on their website:


And the white range:


You will have to keep the site on "Icelandic" otherwise the whole range of rainwear will not be visible.

This is because they do not ship it anymore outside of Iceland, they did in the past but stopped doing that (I ordered some stuff about 5 years ago after seeing the pics of Benzo, nowadays you need to visit Iceland or find a local distributor in your country).


In the picture you posted:




The model in the picture is wearing the pants over the coat which is a great look but impractical for rainy weather.


A bit more information of 66N I came across recently:



The brand is not really expanding with their raingear, so you will need some luck finding it in the UK. Other brands will be easier to get by I suppose.

Quote17.09.2018 19:270 people like thisLike

Thank you for an excellent article on 66N.

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Its such a waste that not every rainwear brand just sells their stuff online.

You would think with wide access to the internet, easy international payments, and cheap package delivery services (DHL, TNT, FedEx, whatever more) they all have an online shop with international shipping for all their products. Unless they have local stores in a country maybe, but for many of these brands that is not that case and it is just not available in many countries, even not in countries neighboring the country where the brand comes from.


It is not just 66N, but almost every other brand. Why not make an online store and charge the customer with the delivery costs (plus taxes)?

Why all this trouble with only selling in certain countries, certain regions, and aiming for brick and mortar stores in 2-3 countries and forgetting about the rest of the world?


Sure they won't get hundreds of orders a month, but building and maintaining a webshop is so cheap and easy, and you can just let the sales persons in your brick-and-mortar store pack the order and bring it to the post office during their working hours once a week. You sell a couple of more items at almost no extra costs... it seems so easy. Even the smallest youtubers and online celebrities manage to arrange that.

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I agree with you on this, it's sad that 66N find it hard to sell the rainwear, their stores in Copenhagen don't carry them either. Only the modern versions.

Quote19.09.2018 03:240 people like thisLike

Yeah, right?

Thats why selling it online is so perfect: they already have it in stock in Iceland and now they can ship it out directly from the warehouse. No need to have everything in 3 different colors, in 5 different sizes, in every store. The pictures are already online, so just add it to the international webshop and sit back and relax for orders to come in every now and then.

Quote21.09.2018 18:460 people like thisLike

So you are indeed 100% correct, I've spoken to support and they will not ship the item to the UK. I'm very very sad, they ship other stuff to the UK, really not sure unless is a business tax reason because it's workwear why they cannot ship it.


Does anyone live in Iceland that wants to help me out with shipping it to me? I can reimburse you for the trouble?


Thanks in advance.

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I tried to send the links to the support person at 66north and they no longer work, anyone else seeing this?

Quote22.09.2018 20:080 people like thisLike

I agree that it's a pity they don't sell the raingear online. But I would really recommend travelling to Iceland. I was there this summer, I bought raingear and I went to the Þjóðhátíð festival. Since I was in Reykjavik the week before the festival, I spotted a lot of fisherman rainwear in the 66 north shops in the main street, mostly in green and white, but they didn't have the thick orange I was looking for. I asked for the Freyr rainwear, but they said it was only children's rainwear with that name, so apparently they have changed names. They sent me to the 66 north Outlet, which was located quite far outside of the city center. It was quite a struggle to get there, but it was totally worth it. They had all the rainwear I could ever dream of. The only downside with Iceland is that it's like walking into an Apple-store; everything is expensive. Otherwise, totally recommendable!

Quote22.09.2018 22:070 people like thisLike

The 66 North orange rainwear in the pictures is usually referred to as "Engey" internally. That may be why they were not able to find it under the name "Freyr".

I have not tried it myself but I have been told that the stores in Copenhagen are willing to order the heavy duty rainwear if you ask them.

Quote22.09.2018 23:110 people like thisLike

Thanks .. it's really a pitty .. so it seems a neccessity to get into personal contact to get products (one likes) .. for me it seems a bit strange that the producers do not seem to like to sell their products. .. do we want to left the market w.o. fight to CN companies (the cost of the freight are admirably cheap as a 3rd. world country gets better prices from CN to CH than from DE to CH .. this is a bit insane but reality ..)

Quote23.09.2018 16:410 people like thisLike

Oh Regntoy_93, what you describe sounds like a dream. I've been to Iceland also and I was the only one wearing some of the 66N raingear. Appearently it is popular during the festival you mention (and some other smaller events), but besides that you will never see it anywhere.


I had the plan to buy some during the trip where we went around Iceland in 2 weeks, but at none of the 66N stores they sold any. Finally we ended up at one of the main branches in the capital and it was just before closing time... I walked around the store quickly and saw nothing, until I noticed there was another part of the shop where all the rainwear was hanging and it was closed off for cleaning (a lady was vacuming it). Luckily they didnt mind opening it up and as you said, "it was like a dream".


Only downside now is that the color range is a bit limited. In the past they had red, blue, pink, and whatever more, nowadays its less. And some of the rainwear is of a different quality (less thick and shiny) which does not really look as nice. Maybe time to look further to different brands.

Quote23.09.2018 16:430 people like thisLike


Thanks .. it's really a pitty .. so it seems a neccessity to get into personal contact to get products (one likes) .. for me it seems a bit strange that the producers do not seem to like to sell their products. .. do we want to left the market w.o. fight to CN companies (the cost of the freight are admirably cheap as a 3rd. world country gets better prices from CN to CH than from DE to CH .. this is a bit insane but reality ..)

I've looked into this a bit and China has not much on offer. Mostly low quality and limited colors and thickness, so no real workwear that would work for me. If you have any links or specific products please share.


But I get what you are after; these brands have so much history and should continue selling their products in Europe, but to do that they need to make it easier for the consumers.

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Not sure if this helps, I have found the N1 Petrol Stations according to their website sell 66N.


Maybe someone if Iceland can find out for us if they sell abroad

Quote24.09.2018 06:270 people like thisLike

Interesting, that must be something new.

The petrol stations often have a small shop attached where they mostly sell snacks and drinks, and some clothing which is often limited to hats and gloves. I've not seen much more when i was there, but maybe they include some raingear items these days. According to the website they sell a lot of 66N raingear, so lets hope someone comes by and can tell us more first hand.

Quote24.09.2018 06:300 people like thisLike

Oh, and i doubt the N1 petrol stations will be able to send products abroad. Its not in their scope and i doubt they are waiting for foreigners wanting to order stuff online and make online payments.

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Update: I took Envisio's advice, spoke to support, after a few emails I've paid for the suit and it arrives in 4 days. :) done, thanks all!


Quote25.09.2018 23:270 people like thisLike

Hi Valenteen


Thanks for your comment. It seems worth to try it also!



Quote26.09.2018 01:490 people like thisLike

As long as you are polite and just ask questions, accept what they are saying, I get the idea this might not be a regular thing for them to do, but fortunately worth a shot. Perhaps if they see a market they'll update the website to make it easier!


I'm hoping to visit their shop if i go to Iceland, lol.

Quote26.09.2018 03:080 people like thisLike

Thats great Valenteen. Hope they take the hint and put it back online for sale as there might be more people who like the brand and their raingear. Let us know how the gear is when you get it :-)


(need to warn that the colors of the orange gear you see in photos is often a bit enhanced, so don't be disappointed when it looks slightly less shiny and intense, but for me the smell of a new suit is just great and the outer layer has a special feel to it until you wear it outside a lot).

Quote26.09.2018 19:520 people like thisLike

Better representation of colour?

Quote27.09.2018 02:490 people like thisLike

Much closer.

But you will see when the suit arrives.

Have fun.

Quote27.09.2018 18:260 people like thisLike

Well that was freaky quick, it's here, it's amazing, just need to find sosome time to wear it. :) it's currently sunny, lol.

Quote28.09.2018 02:520 people like thisLike

Wow, thats great.

With an international carrier it doesn't have to take long to send, lots of planes going to and from Iceland on a daily.


And whats the problem with sunny weather? It makes the suit look better Smile

Quote30.09.2018 03:260 people like thisLike

For the UK, would this site have what you were looking for?

(I know you already got yours from Iceland, but it could be helpful for others looking for the same)

Quote30.09.2018 15:330 people like thisLike

Thanks for that,. Just posted an email to find out the model,

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