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04.03.2013 (3620 Days Ago)

Ramplings from a latex and rainwear fetishist...

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Don't Be Creepy...
Don't Be Creepy...
3620 days ago 10 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags: admin, guide was created as a place where rainwear fetishists of both sexes would meet, exchange knowledge and form friendships. Sadly I have heard from some female members that they felt harassed here as a result of cyber stalking and harsh mails from male members. This is very sad news indeed...


Personally, I belive that this comes down to lack of social skills. What do you think?

Don’t Be Creepy

  • Creepy is weird with romantic intent.
  • Most geeks are lacking in social skills, either because they don’t care or because socials skills don’t come easily to them.
  • Social skills can be learned.
  • It benefits you to learn social rules, even if you choose not to always follow them.
  • Knowing things about someone isn’t the same as knowing them.
  • Finding things about a person without their participation isn’t normal, it’s creepy.
  • Most aspects of a relationship are improved through conversation.

Please visit and brush up on your social skills.

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  •  "Deleted member" wrote 3603 Days Ago (neutral) 
    I have noticed both on here and other sites that some men in particular can only be described as dirty old men who are clearly an embarassment to the human race. The ones who think that if a woman wears a raincoat then she must want to have sex with them in particular spring to mind. Such people exist in all walks of life sadly and as has been suggested it rings of a complete lack of social skills
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  •  Rainsuitman6 wrote 3607 Days Ago (neutral) 
    I'm a diagnosed SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) sufferer myself, so trying to get to know people is difficult. I'm nervous when chatting to people and I fear it comes off as creepy. Now there might be a Catch-22 situation that develops, i.e, awkwardness turns off people and the negative response discourages gaining social skills. But I get the feeling the confident members are looking down on the not so confident members, me included. Granted my work is not excellent like 3xl or MMMP, but I'm trying. Keep up the great admin duties and you have my gratitude.
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  •  "Deleted member" wrote 3619 Days Ago (neutral) 
    I/ we'll admit to being quite harsh with not tolerating aggression, or obsession on here. If you show a lack of respect, you're going to get unfriended, or blocked; we've dealt with too many assholes in the past to put up with behaviour which, unchecked, normally just gets worse.

    Why? Well because although we post sexualised material and share intimate details, that doesn't oblige us to do or be anything for anyone else. Also, this isn't a democracy. We are sharing, and pleasant feedback is nice but really we don't care about the opinions of people who we don't know IRL.

    But, I think Admin does a grand job here in difficult circumstances; that 1% are always the time-consuming ones. If I could suggest one improvement, could it be that the 'Block' button totally blocks the user from seeing or commenting on any of your material?
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  •  3xL-Admin wrote 3620 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Hi Wetfun!

    a) No, this is the first time I bring it up.

    b) Yes, they will. If they are reported. Nobody mentioned names so far.
    Sure, I would protect any member who is harassed on this site, but they need to report it. So maybe we need to define a clear policy on this matter and a guide to who to contact when it happens.

    c) I 100% agree. Sadly it's the 1% who destroy it for the rest of us and I don't even think that they are aware of it. :(

    Best regards

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  •  wetfun wrote 3620 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Good post but
    a) have those members been warned about their creepy behaviour?
    b) Will those members be suspended or banned if they fall back into the creepy behaviour or harass the same/additional members? I think you should take this into consideration to protect the female members of the community so that they are not scared away.
    c) Not every geek shows the same behaviour
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