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Ramplings from a latex and rainwear fetishist...

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Who is in Control - You or Your Fetish?
Who is in Control - You or Your Fetish?
3664 days ago 4 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags: coming out, wisdom, lifestyle, learning

For the most of my life I have been extremely embarrassed about my fetish. From a early age I been struggling with my fetish on a daily basis and often saw it more as a curse, than a blessing. As much as I dreamed about sharing my fetish with another person, I was terrified by the thought of not being understood and being seen as weird and perverted. My fetish clearly had a huge control of my life.

This was the case until the day that I decided that, enough was enough, and came out of the closet. This action started a change in my life and the way that I dealt with my fetish. I became more and more confident and was able to utilize the power the fetish gave me to make some much needed changes in my life. By being active in the fetish community, online and in real life, I eventually came to terms with it and accepted that the fetish as a part of who I am and learned that it's not something that I need to hide or be embarrassed about.

Today, my fetish only take up a small part of myself, if you compare it to before I came out. It's still there - but it's no longer in control.

Please ask yourself the following questions OR even answer them in the comments below:

1.: Who is in control - you or your fetish?


2.: If your fetish is in control:

a.: What can/could you do - to be an active part of the rainwear fetish community?

b.: What is stopping you from taking action?

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  •  Boots_Lux wrote 3660 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Hi 3XL

    What a great topic you start here!

    For me personally I would answer the first question with a 50/50. I will not say that I'm in full control of my fetish, when I see the gear that I've collected so far, I mean more than 10 waders and chest waders and many more rubber boots is not the norm. But then again I live with what I am and my fetish in a OK way.

    Logically coming out does help a lot of people in the sense that they don't have to shy away from what they like and what they are and hiding from your own fellings cannot be possitive for any human being. But to assume that coming out will lower the strength of how we are controlled by our fetish is not correct, at least not in my case.

    I am fairly open about my fetish, my wife and close friends know about it, how could they not when they see so many boots in the house :-). I walk publicly in rubber boots, so my neighbours also know, but for them I'm sure that they think nothing sexual about it like we do. If anyone asked at work about my fetish, today I would answer them honestly, a few colleagues know my desires, but never asked for details.

    I don't go crazy with my festish though, I've never gone to the supermarket in chestwaders or even waders and probably never will. I see no reason for us to push our fetish in the face of others in a public way, but for those who like to stand out I also admire their will to do so.

    But coming back to coming out, that for sure is the bigest thing for all with this fetish. I must admit my wife have done a lot in convincing me, that for most people on the street our boots are just that, a pair of rubber boots. They might look a bit out of place on a sunny day, but most people don't think much more than that after all. And when one is no longer afraid, need to hide and come with excuses for showing ones fetish, life can really start to be fun.

    Sadly the comunity where I live is close non existing, so my only options is online places like this briliant web site and it's fantastic users. But if I had the chance I'm sure I would like to join a comunity event.

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  •  Rainsuitman6 wrote 3664 Days Ago (neutral) 
    1) Both. In one aspect, I'm not ashamed of it, but, I would be terrified to share it in an intimate setting with a vanilla partner. I have worn a rainsuit to the grocery store to buy Mother's Day gifts, rain coats and boots on sunny days in my college days.

    2) a) I shoot pictures and a few videos of female models in rainwear. For the most part, the models I worked with have expressed interest into the fetish (who gets into it, what's the attraction to it, what gear do I have, lol) and they are comfortable wearing the rainsuits. I also try to participate in forums whenever rainsuits are being discussed. As for looking a sympathetic mate, forget it, lol. I'd be afraid my fetish would creep him or her out.

    b) What would stop me is budgetary constraints more so than disapproval of friends and family.
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