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This blog will tell you the story of when i take my pitures. Posts will be conected to albums. And also some interesting news and things from the internet! =)
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Rainwear ramblings...
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Ramplings from a latex and rainwear fetishist...
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Min regnblogg, när jag använder regnkläder. 
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Random thoughts and writings about rainwear and stuff around them
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To summer shape with rubber outfit excercises
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Perverse Geschichten
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Äldre regnkläder  
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11 days ago 3 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags:
I'm going to copy a slightly altered version of a reply I sent to an event invitation we received. In declining the invitation, I mentioned that, at a separate event, the behaviour of a few individual
52 days ago 1 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags: mudding waders rainwear
Hi,   I have not been out mudding for a very long time, no idea why but the urge to do so have not really been there. But the wish came back this weekend, and as I had bought a tripod stand for my mob
58 days ago 5 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags: fetish, partner, kæreste, regntøj, introduktion, ærlighed
Da jeg var til regntøjs-loppemarked tidligere på ugen, sagde 3XL noget klogt til mig. Han sagde: "Hvis du ikke selv kan sætte ord på hvad din fetish er og hvad den betyder for dig, hvordan kan du så n
58 days ago 1 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags: regnkläder, vadare, stövlar, lera, natur, vatten
Galonvandringarna genomfördes planenligt.Eddaned hade åkt långt för att vara med.För Walle, Gumminos_G o mig är det våra normala utflyktsställen.Det hade funnits plats för många flera deltagare!Vi had
CHAPTER 3 “So you must be the only person I’ve ever met that…you know.” Stuart said reading a menu.   “Yeah, you too…I think.” She said getting embarrassed now. “I thought you were joking.”   “I do
CHAPTER 2 It was a week before Stuart had finished packing and he decided it was time to make a trip to his local fetish emporium. He knew the owner well and was hoping to put up an add selling most o
CHAPTER 1 It was raining hard as Stuart made his way down the cobbled street with a stubborn expression on his face. He drew the hood of his raincoat tighter against the downpour. Walking home was one
136 days ago 6 comments Categories: Dating and Personals Tags: oljehyre, toalett, piss, lort, bæsj, sperm, ludder, hore, slave
Jeg er helt fortvilet. Idag og igår har jeg skrablet og skrevet alle steder jeg kan tenke meg her på regnfrakker at jeg trenger en Master. En seriøs skikkelig og ordentlig Master som vil ha meg. Men j
139 days ago 5 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Today i was a in a little bit of chock. i was listen to a guy from Iceland, great songs!!! Even though i don´t undestand a word.... haha The big chock was when i listened to the second song, and saw t
147 days ago 3 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags: Sutterheim Rainjacket Rainbow
Hello my friends! Time for a little update. In here people seems to like multicolored gear, i do. That´s why i always keep my eyes open for new, fantastic, nice gear! Today i was on google, just to se
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