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Rainwear ramblings...
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This blog will tell you the story of when i take my pitures. Posts will be conected to albums. And also some interesting news and things from the internet! =)
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Ramplings from a latex and rainwear fetishist...
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Random thoughts and writings about rainwear and stuff around them
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Min regnblogg, när jag använder regnkläder. 
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To summer shape with rubber outfit excercises
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Perverse Geschichten
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Stockholm walkabout
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til alle dem som elsker mudder. kom ind og skriv om jeres muddereventyr og del det med andre samt giv gode ide'er til mudderlege
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7 days ago 2 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags: raingear, waterproofs, yorkshire
The weather forecast says it is going to rain all weekend in my part of Yorkshire so I have got out my best Helly Hanson and Ocean thick waterproofs and souwester ready for muddy walks in the hills. W
16 days ago 10 comments Categories: Rainwear Stories Tags: 4 layers, hip waders, smoke, hh nusfjord, atm
Today has been an awful day at the office. Among other things there has been a three hour meeting (without a brake) about "Continuing managing". I deceided, I need to have some pleasure in my life. I
22 days ago 8 comments Categories: Rainwear Stories Tags: In pvc/rubber
Had a smashing 4 days trip to in contact with a Finnish guy who helped me in buying a Loitokari rubber drysuit..awsome reeks of rubber.   I left my hometown Mariehamn
På tur til Sverige Af gummislav Er ikke en modig gummislav, og meget sky. Har ikke haft modet at mødes med en Master eller Misstres IRL, men har tjene og forsøgt at få flyttet grænserne via mail, sms
50 days ago 1 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags:
In these insecure times, who wouldn't consider a nice secure government job, especially when it's tailor made for the kink-minded?
109 days ago 2 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
hej alle sammen. jeg elsker regntøj og mudder især mudder/kolort. elsker at være iført flere lag gummi regntøj og gummistøvler i glade og barnlige farver. elsker at grisse mig til i en masse mudder, k
142 days ago 0 comments Categories: Rainwear Stories Tags: mud, rainwear, rubber
der skrives mandag d.31-10-2016. det har regnet hele dagen så da jeg skulle op og gå med min farmors hun nede på en nærlæggende mark ja så måtte regntøjet for findes frem. et sæt fra abeko i mørkeblå
153 days ago 1 comments Categories: Holidays Tags: rainwear, rubber boots, aprilrain

155 days ago 1 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags: Outtdor, wellies, rainwear, wank
Hi,   Was yesterday out for a forest walk in lopi sweater, yellow hunter wellies and yellow Ocean rain jacket. Managed to a have a wank in gear.   Reg
170 days ago 6 comments Categories: Rainwear Stories Tags: Rainwear, rubberboots, rubbergloves, bondage
Have felt lately i need to take my fetish desire a step further and decided to start wearing harness and collar and such in public. And better sooner or instantly than today i put on a warm
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