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This blog will tell you the story of when i take my pitures. Posts will be conected to albums. And also some interesting news and things from the internet! =)
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Rainwear ramblings...
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Ramplings from a latex and rainwear fetishist...
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Min regnblogg, när jag använder regnkläder. 
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Wish List!
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To summer shape with rubber outfit excercises
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Joha's blog -- Johan blogi
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Perverse Geschichten
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13 hours ago 0 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags:
Hi guys! I´ve been taking alot of photos, different gear, different places, different settings. So now i´m wondering, is there any special settings or so, you want to see more of? Some suggestions? I
17 days ago 2 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags:

The upcoming new line from Grundéns, there´s alot of pics!

Here´s some of them;

20 days ago 1 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags: Regntøj, varmt, regnfrakke
Jeg har undrede mig meget gemmem tiden, for når man lever i et koldt, regnfyldt land(de) at så kan man stadig ikke finde noget varmt regntøj? Altså desideret varmt regntøj fx med foret dun. Er der n
28 days ago 0 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags:

33 days ago 0 comments Categories: Entertainment Blogs Tags:
Yesterday i got this link from a Friend, i thought it was awsome! Really nice people in really nice gear ;) The Aalesund Doggerbank! Just loved watching it, allt those people getting wet and dirty! :D
37 days ago 5 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags:
Hi everybody! Time for a little update. For almost half a year, i´ve known that Grundéns was gonna launch a new collection, called "Fårö", and it was suposed to be released in 2014, their CEO told me
40 days ago 0 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags: rubber boots, rainwear

51 days ago 2 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags:
Seems like you can find a lot of nice stuff on Facebook those days ;) When looking around there, i found a Norwegain sailingpage, where you can rent sailingboats and such a things. And when i looked a
57 days ago 0 comments Categories: Dating and Personals Tags:
Hei, jeg har mulighet å møte likesinnede frå 23 t.o.m. 25 Februar. Er du dominant og ønsker å møte en mulig lekekamerat, bare tar kontakt. Hils, nylfan
68 days ago 0 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags: Raincoat, raincape
I am selling some beautiful raincoats and raincape. Please check my listings on eBay where I am selling some wondeful raincoats and cape from my collection.--->
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