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Beginners Guide

Welcome to! Here are 10 tips great tips on how to get the most out of our community.


1. Make sure that your profile have a Avatar (profile photo)

The right profile photo is important. You may think that it can be a bit of a conflict to put a photograph up on your profile when you are trying to stay anonymous, but a profile photo is important for several reasons. One of the main reasons to use a profile photo is that it makes it look like you are serious about using online sites and communities. An unfinished profile may make others think you are not really interested in taking part in the community.

If you don’t want to show you face and prefer to stay anonymous don’t blur out your face. Instead, try to cut up the photo you will be using so you are “out of frame”. You can also cover your face with a body part, take a shot of your back or simply wear a latex hood.

It's simple, a profile with a good Avatar stand out from the crowd and therefore gets more visits. Also the "Members" box on the top of main page only show profiles who has an Avatar, so to get listed make sure that your profile have an Avatar.


If you don't have a photo of yourself. Just take one! You don't have to show your face, you can wear a mask or frame the photo so your face don't show. You can also use a photo inanimate object such as a rubber boot or a raincoat. (How to add a Avatar to your profile)



2. Make sure that your profile have well written description

Creating a good profile and writing text which will make a good presentation for other users is one of the most important steps to successful online matchmaking. It can also be the most intimidating.

One of the best ways to create a good presentation is to write like you speak. Pretend you are writing to your best friend. Be honest about yourself and the type of situation you are looking for. Instead of thinking about what the other person may be looking for, think about the kinds of traits you bring to the table. Be open, sincere, and honest while keeping your best face forward.

Let people know your intentions right away. Are you looking for a play partner, a soul mate, or just a kinky friend? Maybe you want to explore the dark realms of rainwear bondage or need a girl to take you shopping in your latest rainwear outfit. Maybe you are looking for a mommy to change your rubber diaper or want someone to hang out with at the next fetish party.

If you are experienced enough to know what you want and are already living the fetish lifestyle this can be a fantastic part of the presentation that you are creating. You can describe how you live out your fetish, where you hang out and so on. If you are not already involved in fetish activities but have a definite interest in doing so, tell how you would like to live out your fetish. Don’t forget to mention what kind of rainwear you are into and what really makes you “squeak”.



3. Login frequently

Nobody like a profile who has not been online for weeks. So make sure that you login and check out what is happening on as often as possible, so that any visitors on your profile can tell that you are alive and kicking... and will respond if they should choose to contact you.



4. Accept or deny your friend requests

Wilde most members use a personalized message as a way of showing the profile owner a first sign of interest, others uses a friend request to do the same. So nothing is more annoying that to send a friend request to somebody and it just gets ignored. So make sure that you check your friend requests regularly and accept/deny to indicate if you are interested in friendship or not. (See the status of your friend requests here)



5. Upload photos and videos and do it often

Having a new photo or video on the main page will pull a lot of visitors to your profile. So upload new media on a weekly basis and make sure that you respond to comments that they might receive. This will ensure that your profile get a nice stream of visitors. (How to upload photo or videos)



6. Leave comments

The heart of this community is sharing and the members can share their passion several ways. Some upload photos or videos of themselves, other write blogs posts or use the forum to share their findings, thoughts and ideas. When you come across something that another member has shared that you find interesting or like, remember to leave a comment.


Leaving comment is a excellent way to take an active part in the community and promote you profile wile doing so. Other members might become interested and visit your profile after reading an insightful comment that you left on a photo or a forum post.



7. Report harassment was created as a place where rainwear fetishists of both sexes would meet, exchange knowledge and form friendships. Therefor we urge everyone to report any conduct which can be construed as stalking, cyber-bullying, abuse, harassment, or "flaming" behavior. Please report the incidence to the administrator and remember to include a copy of the message/chat:



8. Block unwanted members

You can use the "Block member" feature on the profile page of the member you wish to block, to block that member from accessing you profile page, blogs, photos, videos or files. Remember that you can always see who you have blocked, who is blocking you and block them back in the Block List under Activity in your profile Dashboard.



9. Become a leader

The leaders board on the main page of this site show the most popular members calculated by profile votes. A leader is a active member who engage other members, share content in various forms and contribute to the community in general. This is why they receive votes from other members. Everyone can become a leader, you just need to have a minimum of 3 votes from different members/IP numbers to show up on the leaders board.



10. Become a paying member

Consider becoming a paying member (bronze, silver & gold) as this allow you to fully engage the community. Besides the unlimited access to photos and videos, there other positive effects of being a paying member:

  • Visitors to your profile can tell that you are a active and contribution member, just by seeing your members badge.
  • You can vote on other profiles or their photos/videos to get their owners attention.
  • You can view and comment on more than 10 photos and 1 video a day.
  • You can view the photos in original resolution via the "View Original" button.
  • You can create groups there match your fetish interests and get in touch with members who share your passions.
  • You can see who visited your profile and content for the last 7 days.

(Become a paying member here)

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