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09.07.2017 (467 Days Ago)

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To get access to my Instagram
To get access to my Instagram
467 days ago 1 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags: instagram

Dear everyone:

Every day new people (and some of the same) apply access to my rainy Instagram "Costanzaa89" If you do not have a profile picture AND at least some pic posts on your IG, you will not get access. Sharing is caring peeps! I share my great photographic work and I find it offending that someone with "ghost" profiles think that they will gane access to my rainwear modeling pictures.. and... they don't even have one post on their IG.. or profile pic... so. Please please please follow me here, and on Instagram... I had a great photoshoot today with my cute as hell red head. Remember.. I work a whole day getting out in to a location, I work at least 3 hrs on locations with a great model... And you think that you can just look at these photos, giving me nothing back? 
I dont like profiles without pictures.... You dont have to show your face... I just want to know your not a internet troll :)


Follow: Costanzaa89

Have profile pic - have your own pic. Share, and care <3



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  •  rainboy36 wrote 467 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Words :) bra att fler reagerar på hur andra folk missköter sej.
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