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Quote12.08.2009 20:081 people like thisLike

does anyone else share my enthusiasm for getting wet in my rainwear, either in the bath, shower or playing in the river when warm enough. There never seem to be any ictures of guys getting wet, surely i cannot be alone in my love of this?

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I thoroughly enjoy my rubber rainwear wet.  Outdoors, in the tub, licking or spitting on the the rubber and smearing it around.  I enjoy the way the rubber odor changes wet vs dry.  Another man getting me wet is incredibly hot. . . licking, drooling, kissing, cumming and sometimes piss

Quote17.07.2010 15:352 people like thisLike

I like wet rubber! :-)  I like to bath in wellies and rainwear and get soaking wet, pee in rainwear and sweat.

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Hi Merv,

I can assure you that you're not alone with your passion to bathe in rainwear. Why there aren't so many pics on that topic may be that the you very often bath alone and taking pictures of yourself may be a bit cumbersome. I can just mention that a couple of days ago I was taking pics of myself with a timer and while I was walking along the bridge it was shaking so much that the tripod with the camera fell into the water. Now I'm trying to get it working again.

In the meanwhile you can take a peek to the Yahoo group 'colourfulrainwear', there are a number of pics taken during the meetings of Finnish rainwearfriends.


Quote19.07.2010 17:393 people like thisLike

I hope you all saw my video with me swimming in a plastic overall - very good fun!


Quote22.07.2010 18:223 people like thisLike

I love to get wet in my rainwear. In all thinkable ways. ;) Shower, bath, river, lake, sea, piss and so on.

Quote19.07.2011 18:062 people like thisLike

I also like to get wet in my rain gear.  That can be in the shower, piss, muddy river, or best yet; in the rain.

Quote21.07.2011 10:491 people like thisLike

I sometimes have a bath in rainwear :) I just uploaded two of such photos to the public gallery. Here's another one in an attachment.

P1040102-w1280.jpg • 116.8K • 70 downloads

Quote21.07.2011 23:244 people like thisLike

I also loveto get wet when im in my rainwear, often bathe in rivers or lakes. First mudplay, then bath..;-)

IMG_6335.jpg • 1.1M • 57 downloads

Quote23.07.2011 01:332 people like thisLike

I have just be'n outside in a horrible rain-weather...... And covered in rubber rainclothes, it was fantastic....

My rubber rainclothes get very wet, and messy....... i was playing a bit in the mud....... And yes...... it was almoust dark outside...... Wink

Quote27.01.2012 00:132 people like thisLike

I also love getting my rainwear wet. If there is a particularly heavy rainstorm I'll choose a set of waterproofs, strip off my normal clothes and put the waterproofs on and then sit outside in the pouring rain. It feels fantastic, but also I love the smell waterproofs have when soaked by the rain. This is a totally different smell to that when wearing them in the shower which I also love to do.


A few years ago I had an opportunity to stay in a villa in Spain with a private pool, and I took with me my Guy Cotten waterproof smock and an inflatable lifejacket. There was just myself and my ex-girlfriend there, which meant I could swim in the pool in my smock and lifejacket. Wow, what an experience that was. I also managed to convince myself that by keeping the waterproof smock on it prevented me from getting sun burnt, and wearing the life jacket meant I could just bob about in the water all day!

Quote27.01.2012 18:470 people like thisLike

i love getting my long rukka raincoats both wet and dirty.  been getting the wet both in bathtub,shower and outside in rain, river,mud. =)


One time I had my raincoat very muddy and was on my knees in mudd when a group of people happened to walk by .. I froze. They did not say anything and walked by..

Quote02.03.2012 17:172 people like thisLike

Yes!! Getting wet in rainwear is fun fun and fun!

100000_007.jpg • 376.6K • 109 downloads

Quote16.05.2012 03:131 people like thisLike

I like to either take a long shower or a bath in my rainwear. I love the way plastic especially softens under warm water and gives off this lovely, unique arroma. In the summer it's also nice on a wet evening to don my rain gear and just sit out the garden for hours in the rain. I total love the outdoors and provided I'm warm and dry, I can't think of many other places I'd most like to be.

Quote16.05.2012 12:121 people like thisLike



I also really like to getting wet, in my raingear. Either in pouring rain, or/and muddy, then jumping splashing in water.


As mentioned by others here, sometimes difficult to get pictures then.


I would upload som pics illustrating this ;-)



wet4.jpg • 121K • 59 downloads

Quote19.05.2012 00:172 people like thisLike

Rainwear was designed to get wet, and in some cases , very muddy.


Standing in the shower getting soaked in raingear happens very very often for me :)

Quote19.05.2012 23:091 people like thisLike

My transparent raincoats softens in the hot shower or bath tub, and it makes wearing them even more exiting!

Quote20.05.2012 17:161 people like thisLike

Yeah I love relaxing in a hot bath in a rainsuit. I've a few pairs of pvc over trousers with elasticated waist and legs, so they trap air and do tend to puff up big and float in the warm water!

Quote01.08.2015 09:242 people like thisLike

small.jpgI definitly like to get wet in my rainwear since a long time. Be it a river, a pool, the shower or even the bathtube. For me rainwear is to get wet and not to stay dry. Just another way of using it.

But yes, I am not always jumping into the water once I wear a Friesennerz or rubber boots. But I like it.....

Quote03.08.2015 17:271 people like thisLike

Nice pick with rainwear and rubber ridingboots!  :-)

Quote03.08.2015 20:321 people like thisLike

Sometimes I do take rubber clothes under the rainwear ... Getting wet in rainwear is fun Cool

Quote04.08.2015 15:242 people like thisLike

That is the best!


Best way when warm and sunny outside, and the rain is far away; to wear nothing but pvc inside out on my naked body, bare feet in my rubberboots and first let the sweat run inside the rainwear, second a long pee in the pants - ohh that wonderful feeling of pee running down my legs and into my boots, and ly down and let the pee splash all over you when you lift your boots up in the air.

Thirdly; find a nice muddy place and first let mud run down inside the boots and then inside the pants and jacket - ohh that is making me so horney and making me come again and again and again...

And then at last when i´m all messed up i take a bath in the water and fresh all up again.


wet and muddy gretings


Quote14.08.2015 03:341 people like thisLike

Yes, I thoroughly enjoy going outside in a total downpour and getting drenched in my rain gear, it is quite the experience.

Quote14.08.2015 09:171 people like thisLike

Interesting question:  Why would you NOT get wet when wearing the protective rainwear in layers or just one set?  I like getting wet and play in the mud with the feeling of being well protected from the elements.

Quote10.02.2016 05:320 people like thisLike
Not particularly getting wet in my gear. I like mud rather than water. I like to sink into deep mud in all my gear. It is extremely erotic, relaxing and exciting. Sometimes I like the feeling of being stuck and helpless. That sensation of the mud holding my body firmly as it gradually sucks me deeper. Particularly being just past armpit deep and my arms above the surface is the key thing, but not feeling a bottom.
Quote11.02.2016 06:591 people like thisLike
Nothing better than layers of heavy raingear, green PVC or vintage black rubber, pouring rain and thick mud or clay to wallow in with chestwaders, sweat filling the feet until I'm squelching in sweat and mud up to my knees, rubber all soaked and shiny, feet unrecognisable blobs of kilos of clinging mud. It's fantastic!
image.jpeg • 4.1M • 27 downloads

Quote17.02.2016 01:120 people like thisLike
I love getting wet in my rainwear, whenever I have an opportunity to wear it in the rain, I do. I'll usually go for a walk or bike ride in it, and I love wearing waders when it's raining and going into a stream or the sea up to about my waist and then having the rain hit my jacket. I love seeing the water bead up and roll off. I also love when it is windy with rain and the drops and sea spray get blown onto my gear. The pressure of the water pushing the smooth fabric against my skin is like nothing else. I usually don't take photos when I'm out in rain because it's too hard to keep a camera dry, plus I'm enjoying the rain so much I don't want to pause for pictures.
Quote22.03.2016 17:350 people like thisLike

I better join this long list too and as I say...the wetter the better...I love to get my gear wet inside and out be it shower, bath, river, pee etc. and a great feeling as the wellies or waders fill up too and the same with nice sloppy mud and gunge.

Quote02.06.2018 13:291 people like thisLike

I added a new video where I am swimming in my raingear. Just love it....

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