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Where to buy Grundens Sandhamn or similar ?
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Hi I’m In the market, for a pair of marine Blue bib pants, Size M... I would love a pair of Grundens Sandhamn, but it might be impossible to find. Does any of you know, where to buy these? Or have any of you a good alternativ to a similar model? /Rainwear_76
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Grundens stopped producing Sandhamn 2 years ago

Some can have in stock but real hard to find new

But ther is some fore sale now and then used

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Hej Graham.


Mange tak for input.
Det er en skam, Sandhamn, er ellers i en lækker kvalitet og så kan jeg godt lide, at passformen er relativ smal/slank.
Men det betyder nok, at jeg må kigge efter en lignende model i stedet for.

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Bum! Just want to raise this again. Anybody have anything or suggestions? Similar to Grundens Sandhamn. Color: Blue. Size: Medium No band/elastics at the ankels.
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I have a blue one, but the size is XL I think. It's brand new, not used at all-just tried on.

Even the label is still on.

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Grundens Skandia

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 Thanks for speaking up! But XL is too Big for me... I usualy use small or Medium in bibs, and maybe I could fit a Size L. But not XL. But thanks anyway.
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@darkshine... I have been looking at that model, but I can’t figure out if it is very wide model.. Do you know the model?
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It is heavier than Sandhamn. More like Herkules. But with higher BIB. Wide fit.

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Thanks @Darkshine!! The bibs looks rather nice, but at bit og a fisherman wide fit, computer to the Sandhamn. Until now, it is a good option, but I’ll keep seaching, and keep this in my mind.
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