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Hi!  For some time now I can't seem to be able to watch any video posted on this website. I've tried safari chrome with or without incognito-mode on. I know I'm only limited to 1 video per day, but it doesn't even load. When I've tried to change settings and I reload I emidiatley is routed to the "ypu can only watch one video per day"  - square.

And btw I'm on Mac


I would appreciate some help in the matter


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Safari automatically disables Flash. That might be the problem. You can change the use of Flash in the settings.

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Same happens to me if I use chrome. With firefox you cant even read this side.

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I can enable flash but for it to work I need to refresh the site and the current tab, and since I'm not a premium member it automatically routes me to "you can only watch a video once". A bit of a catch 22,  but I guess that's the price of not being a paying member so I shouldn't complain :)

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I haven’t been able to watch videos in a long time.. I ah e tried both Chrome and Firefox but with No luck.
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I am using Firefox with the "NoScript" plugin and everything works fine. Adobe Flash must be installed separately. When downloading the player be sure that no additionaly annoying software comes with the download (search bar, extra virus protection, ...). During the installation check the pages for any not needed extra "tools".

The current Firefox disables flash content because of the security issues the flash player has. If I click on the square "Flash content ..." a dialog pops up asking me if the flash content (the video) should be enabled for this site (for once, always, cancel). After clicking on the "for once" the video is displayed. No reload of the side is required.

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"I am using Firefox with the "NoScript" plugin and everything works fine"


The actual version? When I open regnfrakker with firefox either the tab crashes or I cant read any text. All letters look like random ASCII-signs.


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Firefox: 60.0.1


Added as trusted site for the NoScript Addon


<< All letters look like random ASCII-signs>>

That sounds strange. Can you post a screenshot?

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I really like this site a lot. But it seems to me, that many members have troubles seeing videos. Can it really be true, that gives so many problems viewing videos, when other sites don’t? It should NOT be nessesary to use different plug-ins to Get it to work. Is it an old platform? or is there a fault on the site?
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The "Flash" Plugin was a defacto standard for playing videos for a long time and is used on this site. The flash video format is now replaced by other HTML supported video formats. And maybe your browser does not support flash any more.

If you have any furter insight into programming, you would know how painfull and time consuming it can be to migrate a website.

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I have problems with the videos too. I use Chrome and when I tried Windows Edge it worked but only for one video.

The next time I tried with Edge it was responding just like Chrome Undecided

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