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See Billie Eilish wearing reainwear the hole video:

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Real nice tip

Thanks a lot

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Great to see yellow rainwear in a music video. I’ll bet the manuscript was written by a fellow rainwear fetishist :)
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Thanks, Oceanraingear. It’s country music at its worst, but more than four minutes of raingear action makes is very worth while.
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Sophie Zelmani in a great Helly Hansen jacket from the ´80ies.

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Let's try this link


I might have seen this before, but women in rain bibs are sexy Cool

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Wheat a great video mktnisse.
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Eehh... Right... The music is not quite my cup of tea, but I thought for obvious reasons it should be mentioned here :P

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That's amazing, thanks for the share!


What is the red and black outfit she is wearing, is it rainwear too?

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I’m pretty shure it’s a drysuit, for kayaking and other water sports.
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I kind of like the video! I also read a story about the performer, who found the rainwear in her parents home in the garage and found it very cool and understood that this has to be in her music video. GREAT!

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See Billie Eilish wearing reainwear the hole video:

She is beautiful!

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What lovely SBR coats!

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Did anybody in Denmark see the video for the shop 'Normal' (transmitted in January 2019 on national TV2 in the add blocks) where a woman walks the dog in rain? The dog makes a poo and the woman in the red raincoat (Elka/Ocean or something similar and very nice rubber boots) picks it up.


Very nice raincoat choice!


Been trying to look for the video but no results so far.

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Another repost from a music video made by Swing Out Sister:


Corinne Drewery in a magnificent black shiny rubber raincoat. Please enjoy!


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Phil Oakey in a - could be - white Stutterheim raincoat:


Phil Oakey in a black rubber raincoat:


Well - two raincoats in ONE show. That's not too bad at all. Maybe we got a fellow friend out in the society?




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