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Hey everyone! I would would be interested in how often you get geared up in rainwear normally? Since I moved from parents home a few years ago and work fully remote I started gearing up more often and since almost a year I'm geared up almost the whole day in Farmerrain and other brands as if it's my lifestyle now. How about you?

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I wear rain gear almost every day

Quote17.05.2023 15:521 people like thisLike

I live with my family still so the only time I can gear up is at night for a little bit when everyone is asleep or when I have the house to myself for a few hours.

Quote02.06.2023 15:170 people like thisLike

Since I live with my family, the chances of getting dressed up in rainwear are pretty fewCry. But I do when I can, but it is not too often. Maybe once a month.

If I have lived alone, I think I might be wearing rainwear in layers every daySmile, after work (and very rare at work tooWink

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I wear rain gear almost every day

Quote18.06.2023 18:370 people like thisLike

I gear up almost every day, but the days I don't I go and at least and touch my rainwear a little bit. Mostly my Ålesund rainwear, two jackets! Try to put the second one on the opposite way and put the hood on over my face and pretend I'm kidnapped

Quote22.06.2023 22:580 people like thisLike

I gear up as often as i can. Maybe not full gear with pants, waders and gloves, but don't miss any chance to wear wellies and a raincot if it raining.

Quote01.07.2023 11:550 people like thisLike

I am crazy about wearing rubber boots in public, and in wet weather I usually wear rubber boots, blue jeans and a green or yellow rubber rain jacket when shopping, am in the country side etc. When it's cloudy, I probably wear a PU windbreaker or a down jacket if cold - but always rubber boots. Here are photos of my favorite dress:

Quote12.07.2023 10:030 people like thisLike

It depends on my mood and if it is possible, because i do not live alone. Just rainpants at home about one to two times a week. Outside with boots, pants and jacket about once every one or two months. It depends on the weather, so during summertime not that often.

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