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I'm thinking about buying the grundens nordan jacket and bib pants. Pictures on google show it sometimes having a sheen while others show it as a flat color. I would like to know what it looks like if anyone has purchased a set recently. I would be buying a set with the olive color.


picture with sheen -->


picture with flat color -->




ALSO!!! I recently bought a grundens raincoat, the model name was 'Samson' - it was styled in some of the heavier duty coats but did not have the weight to it. Is there bib pants available? I understand it will be extremely hard to track down as google searches yielded nothing but none the less maybe one of you guys on here know something I don't about it!




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Nordan used to be shiny PVC.

New style is phtalate free and therefore not shiny any more.


There is no coat called Samson.

Maybe you mean Sandön.

There are no Bibs available. Only waist pants.


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Thanks for the reply darkshine, that is a shame to hear!

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What is a shame?


Nordan is the same cloth like Sandön.

So if you have a Sandön coat you can also choose a Nordan BIB.


Nordan is the same like former Atlas but without pockets.

Sandön is the follower of Atlas coat but phtalate free non-shiny material.


It is all:

  • 340 gr/m²
  • PVC coated polyester


If you like it a bit heavier choose Clipper

If you like really heavy choose Brigg / Herkules BIB

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