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Notifications vs subscriptions

created by Joha 17.09.2018 19:03 • last reply by Joha 17.09.2018 19:03Hello   Would it be possible to have notifications show up if somebody replies to your comment or adds new com...
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Viewing e-mails

created by nylonrider 28.05.2018 02:01 • last reply by nylonrider 28.05.2018 02:01It would be great if the ability to read email messages from fellow users was extended to those on standard membership. I've ...
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created by nylonrider 17.05.2018 23:02 • last reply by nylonrider 22.05.2018 19:00Hi, I've not been a member for very long, so I hope this doesn't come as too demanding a suggestion.   I notice...
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Blocking content of specific users

created by hmiels 29.11.2016 12:30 • last reply by rukkagirl 02.03.2017 10:52There are some users who post excessive photos, videos etc. Mostly all look same or don't differ much. It would be a nice fea...
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Last login-info

created by HHOljehyre 27.11.2015 13:25 • last reply by 3xL-Admin 28.11.2015 09:47Hi.   My suggestion is this: When viewing a profile, it would be nice to see the time and date for last ...
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sorting pictures i albums

created by helly1 30.11.2014 18:29 • last reply by hevea 11.01.2015 16:06Is there a way to add a sorting function in the albums? Now they come up in a random order, and when you click your whay thro...
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created by hourseman 04.09.2013 22:13 • last reply by hourseman 04.09.2013 22:13Hallo! Look at L...
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New Block idea - Tag of the Month

created by 3xL-Admin 16.05.2013 14:23 • last reply by 3xL-Admin 02.06.2013 12:33Hi everybody!   In order to get some more activity on the site and inspire people - I have come up with an id...
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Rubber story section

created by Gummistiefel74 10.06.2012 13:03 • last reply by 3xL-Admin 13.06.2012 21:52What do you think about a section for rubber storys here? Maybe separated after languages. So everyone who like to write stor...
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Get people to use the chat

created by rainman 26.07.2011 21:39 • last reply by 3xL-Admin 31.07.2011 13:27maybe a counter at the end of the chat tab would help getting people to use the chat and when the cursor is over the same tab...
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