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How to add a Avatar to your profile

created by 3xL-Admin 13.09.2011 15:02 • last reply by 3xL-Admin 13.09.2011 15:02HOW TO ADD A AVATAR: Add a new Avatar: Go into "Account" then click "
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How to upload photo or videos

created by 3xL-Admin 09.07.2011 10:48 • last reply by Rainwear_76 13.04.2023 10:00How you upload photos and videos to your profile: Select "Photos" or "Videos" in the drop-dow...
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Upload Problems

created by Threekin 26.03.2022 11:17 • last reply by Joha 04.04.2022 11:38Hey i have some Upload Problems, i cant upload my own pictures anymore?
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created by tronder64 31.03.2022 15:22 • last reply by Grsr 01.04.2022 13:53Jeg har tidligere skrevet at jeg ikke får til å se en gratis video pr dag. Hvorfor?
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What happened?

created by Jacketbound 18.03.2021 13:04 • last reply by Grsr 12.04.2021 12:25What has happened to this website as I tried to log in a few weeks ago and could not get in. I tried to recover my password b...
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created by Rwrsubjoy 19.01.2019 21:39 • last reply by Grsr 20.01.2019 17:50How can I look videos here? They dont open at all anymore. Please help.
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Problemer med meldinger og chat

created by oljehyre 22.11.2016 13:30 • last reply by Fetishlover 29.11.2016 18:39Hei! Jeg har tidligere meldt at jeg har flere problemer med funksjonalitet på siden. Dette har jeg fremdeles. Jeg får meldinger ...
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Unable to view certain profiles

created by RaingearSteve 14.03.2013 20:48 • last reply by out4mud 27.10.2016 14:05Are certain profiles blocked to non-paying members, or is it a function that paying members can add to their account? ...
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Problemer med fuksjoner på siden

created by oljehyre 01.03.2016 17:34 • last reply by 3xL-Admin 10.03.2016 19:50Jeg har store problemer med å legge til bilder i albumene mine. Jeg kan heller ikke svare på meldinger og jeg har generelt pr...
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Profile pic

created by MiCha 11.12.2015 19:35 • last reply by MiCha 11.12.2015 19:35Sorry for another beginner question: why are my profile pics 90 degrees turned around whereas all other pics show correctly?
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