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Introduce yourself
Greetings from the USA

created by Bill_P 17.12.2018 23:17 • last reply by Johnnyrbr 08.01.2019 15:50Hi, new to the site, just thought I'd make a quick intro. My name is Bill, I'm 48 years old and have been obsessed with rainw...
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Rubber fanatic

created by Mido 15.03.2018 17:00 • last reply by Mido 15.03.2018 17:00Hi Am Michael living in Portugal and have a passion for rubber that includes, latex clothes of all sorts, raincoats, h...
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Hei / Hello

created by Hellypelly 28.02.2018 18:38 • last reply by JanetandNick 09.03.2018 17:47Hei! Jeg er henne som Helly har tatt bilder av delt med dere de siste dagene. Jeg har laget denne profilen for å kunne følge ...
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Hi, jeg er ny her

created by Regenmantel 07.03.2018 10:53 • last reply by Regenmantel 07.03.2018 10:53Hi, jeg kommer fra Hamburg. Jeg er giftet og har to barn. Jeg elsker regnkledning siden jeg var i grunnskolen. Dengang fikk j...
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Hi Everyone!

created by Rubber_Boy 21.11.2017 22:10 • last reply by Rubber_Boy 25.11.2017 12:36I'm Rubber_Boy, You can also call me Joey.  I live in the United States, in what I like to call "Yokelsville" because it's fa...
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A quick introduction

created by AmyK1972 12.06.2017 09:18 • last reply by TStorm56 14.06.2017 04:35Hello all! Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Amy, 45 years young, happily married, and living in Canada. Rainwear has always...
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Dennis & Hendrik from Amsterdam

created by yellowmike 09.05.2017 15:48 • last reply by yellowmike 09.05.2017 15:48Hello everybody!!!     we are Dennis & Hendrik from Amsterdam as some of you might remember from the...
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Härliga trevliga par i Skåne? Här finns ett

created by Galonsteve 06.04.2017 16:36 • last reply by Gummiseglaren 12.04.2017 09:31Jag är inflyttad till Skåne och undrar om det finns andra trevliga par här med samma intressen och fetischer. Ni behöver inte...
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Elsker regntøj

created by Master 06.08.2016 22:53 • last reply by Master 06.08.2016 22:53Elsker regntøj   er også Frivillige på   http://fetish-kontakt.comBDSM læ...
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The Big Boys playing in rainwear on YouTube..:))

created by kurahousupoika 26.02.2016 12:23 • last reply by Juppe 25.03.2016 00:30Hi, I'm a finnish guy who likes to wear childish rainwear and winter overalls outside..
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