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29.08.2021 (343 Days Ago)

til alle dem som elsker mudder. kom ind og skriv om jeres muddereventyr og del det med andre samt giv gode ide'er til mudderlege

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Mud meeting
Mud meeting
343 days ago 1 comments Categories: Holidays Tags: Mudding

Hello my fellow mudloveing people.

I was wondering if people wanted to try and arrange a rainwear meeting centeret around playing in mud

mud is a lot of fun and how could it be more fun? with more people in rainwear playing in the mud :)

Could be fun to gather some good people for this event :) please comment if it could be something for you and lets make it happen :)


muddy greetings


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  •  salten3 wrote 342 Days Ago (positive) 
    Hi Mudboy, A fine idea! I believe the way to go is picking a date, and place and see whats happen. Based on history it is not worth to set up a "group" to discus, how, when and where. It goes on forever, and at the time of meeting, the people involved in the discoution, might not show up any way. Kind Gear regards, Salten3

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