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Get to know me
Get to know me
451 days ago 3 comments Categories: Personal Blogs Tags: rubber, rainwear, weekend, costanza

Hi everyone!
I was kind of hoping to be more active here on Regnfrakker forum, so here is a little post upon the weekend! It's friday, and I am currently waiting for a meeting to start, so that I myself can start to do the tasks for the day. Mabye you all are wondering, who I am?
The man behind the rainwear model photos?

First of all I am from Norway, 31. years old, and turning 32 now in June. I have allways been interested in rainwear since I was a child. It was only natural that there also where a sexual link to rubber rainwear when I got older... I mean, I will think that happened to everyone here? 
I am living in the capitol of Norway, Oslo with my lovely girlfriend. In Norway we actually have a term for couples that live together, but not yet are married. I really don't have an english translation for that. 
I have been working many many years in different possitions in a hotel somewhere in Norway. After too many years with guests at my neck, I started to study again, more artistic. So for the last years I have been a film school student. This have given me even more tools and techniques for film making and photographing. So there you have it, for you that follows my instagram, I acutially have an education within filmmaking ad photography!

So thats me, and in addition to all this, I love rainwear in real rubber, and have a lot of it in an own dedicated closet in our appartment! I am lucky enough to have an entire closet just for rainwear! But getting into that, will have to be on a whole different blog post!

And, I am trying as well to get more subscribers on my YouTube channel, so I would be very very grateful if you all want to push that follow button on my channel. You will find it if you go to Youtube and search for "Costanza media", or just follow this link:


And hey, leave a comment on the blog post, I will answer any questions you have!

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  •  Hennesub wrote 425 Days Ago (positive) 
    Takk for et fint innlegg. Skal sjekke You tube.
    0 points
  •  Oljebukse78 wrote 447 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Love your work :-)
    0 points
  •  sandy2 wrote 451 Days Ago (positive) 
    Thank you!
    A very nice post!
    I enjoyed reading it!
    0 points
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