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Quote03.05.2009 09:522 people like thisLike

Hello all, I was curious to see who loves to wear more than one set of rainwear, how many layers have you all worn, and what types of rainwear do you all wear?

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I usually go outside in only one layer, but inside it's typically two layers maybe with a pair of waders. I once or twice tried 7 layers at the same time, but it got a little too hot and barely couldn't move :-D

Quote07.05.2009 00:540 people like thisLike

It depends on the thickness of the layers.  I alternated mine to wear I got 8 once.  I was hot and sweaty but I was able to move.

Quote07.05.2009 10:552 people like thisLike

most i've done is 2

Quote09.05.2009 23:241 people like thisLike

Normaly one or two, but some times more. At most five.

Quote16.05.2009 05:441 people like thisLike

I wear a rubber cape and a rubber poncho over it. It feels great especially when it rains pretty hard

Quote27.06.2009 19:530 people like thisLike

The most I've done is 10, but I couldn't keep them on for long as it was just too hot! and I could hardly move, still, it was an interesting experiment! The most I wear now is 2 or 3, usually a nice smooth PVC rainsuit under my old faithful PVC coverall, along with a pair of rubber boots, heavy rubber or PVC gauntlets and my home made PVC lined full face crash helmet, mmm...! ;)

Quote15.12.2009 02:110 people like thisLike

I have done three before but generally not for very long. I prefer to wear only one, sometimes two layers.

Quote01.02.2010 12:440 people like thisLike


most i've done is 2

 Hello Boggirl...would very much like for you to accept me as friend so we can talkin great depth regarding muddy waters...!!!!





Quote01.02.2010 12:591 people like thisLike

At my profilepfhoto, I am wearing four layers of rainwear. In addition I wear a raincoat. I just love it

Quote03.02.2010 17:350 people like thisLike

I mainly just wear a pair of chestwaders and nothing else,now and then i wear a two piece waterproof suit with thigh waders.

Quote16.08.2010 22:080 people like thisLike


I sometimes meet a friend of mine in forest wearing several layers,

The last time  it was,

A latex pants, vinyl chaps, vinyl polo, a vinyl jacket, two raincoats, a vinyl poncho and a raincape that's means 5 hoods and  rubber gloves. We spent 3 hours walking and playing together in the forest under the rain

Quote28.08.2011 11:160 people like thisLike

Anyone in Kent like to share putting on as many pvc macs on each other...?

Quote17.04.2012 00:490 people like thisLike

Absoloutely love to layer. Ive got 4 pairs of waterproof trousers , 3 jackets , 2 coveralls and a large rainsuit over the top of them. Can still move, but would love to find someone for a playdate to dress (and be dressed by) in so many layers youre effectively immobilised. I think 7 or 8 is a physical limit for most, but hey, always willing to test limits for a bit of fun. :)

Quote05.04.2014 12:030 people like thisLike
I wore five layers of thick pvc and that included an ocean mudsuit, my socks were swimming and after a day the sweat was up to my calves, I loved it!
Quote06.04.2014 19:261 people like thisLike

I'm a rather huge latex fan, so as often as possible I wear a rubber catsuit under my normal cloth.

When wearing rain-wear I almost always have a rubber suit on and then rain-wear, sometimes also a rubber drysuit and then rain-wear over that.


Layers are just a strange fun feeling.

Quote01.03.2015 21:070 people like thisLike

Regularly do 3 or 4 , 5 and above is hard because you struggle to move without assistance.

Quote03.05.2015 14:140 people like thisLike

I also like to layer- usually about 4 layers so i can walk about comfortably

Quote10.07.2015 20:180 people like thisLike

Any combination of from 2 to 4 layers.  Tried 6 indoors once, but it was difficult to move.  I like to wear sets of jacket with bibs and an anorak replacing the jacket on occasion. One of the layers is a boiler suit with elastic fit on writs and angles.  That is the next to the last layer with an additional bib and jacket on top when I go mudding.

Quote10.07.2015 20:390 people like thisLike

I like of course three layers, but I have tried more than that as well, but it starting to be less comfortable.


But what I want to say is, be careful about the weight that layers of bibs and jackets make to your shoulder. My shoulder has for years become sensitive, so no I use belt to hold the bib up, so there is less weight on my shoulder.

Quote12.06.2017 10:350 people like thisLike
Last Saturday was raining and 6C (I live in Canada). I wore Hunter boots, rain pants, knee length down jacket, and a raincoat. Along with gloves, a toque, a muffler, and hoods.
Quote03.01.2018 12:591 people like thisLike

Love to have two layers on. Love first jacket inside out and back to front so smooth laterial against skin.

Second layer right way round nice and tight. Has to be with wellingtons, rubber gloves and gasmask. Any more layers prevents me from pleasuring myself!!

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