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For all the lovers of good fiction - we have signed up a really good and creative author to join our list and authors and books on sale.


Straitjacketed loves his bondage - but also loves his raingear. 3 books have just gone on sale featuring some great stores that feature some very hot scenes involving PVC rainwear.


If you know how work you will love his books - available in print and ePub formats. Currently on sale via our website but should be available from your favourite book store (print or ePub) in the next few weeks / months.

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Lots of great books have been added to the ever increasing list on sale - and don't forget to check out Straitjacketed - he does like his straitjackets, but some of his new stories focus all around waterproof clothing and bondage. He has an incredibly kinky brain


"Suddenly claustrophobic, I ripped at the collar of the raincoat, pulling the top two press-studs open. Blessed air on my throat... and a neat strap around my neck, just concealed by the top fastening. The strap was a little over an inch wide, glossy black, some kind of PVC...and, backwards in the mirror, the word “SLAVE” picked out in silver studs.

“Fuck!” I got a finger under the strap and tugged, hard. It creaked but held firm. No visible buckle.but, groping at the back of my neck, a bump of protuberance, some kind of fastening. Nothing as straightforward as a buckle. A lock?!

I tried to rotate the “SLAVE” collar around my neck but something stopped it turning. I peered closer. There was a metal ring attached to the lower edge, in the middle and, fixed to that ring, another inch-wide strap, disappearing vertically down my chest and torso. Ripping at the remaining studs, the raincoat fell open, revealing what lay beneath.

The collar was only the start of it. A network of straps criss- crossed my torso, holding me in a snug patent leather embrace. I couldn’t see where the straps fastened – somewhere behind me, presumably but they connected to a steel ring in the middle of my chest. From there, six glossy black belts radiated up to my collar, over both shoulders, under my arms and vertically downwards to connect with ...

... with what could only be described as a jock. It appeared to consist of a wider waist-belt, cinched in close above my hips, attached to a black patent leather pouch, fitted tightly around my cock and balls, narrowing to another strap that ran under my crotch and fastened, again, somewhere behind me.

I tried to grasp the pouch, to pull it down, aside, just off me, but my gloved fingers couldn’t find purchase on the smooth fabric. Why was I even still wearing these annoying things? I seized the fingers of my left hand and tugged on the glove, hard. It didn’t come free but there was some give... but also a corresponding pressure on the left side of my neck.

I pulled more of the raincoat aside. On the left side of the “SLAVE” collar was a D-ring and, running through the D-ring, a loop of chain. The chain seemed to disappear down my left arm.

The sudden hubbub of other people entering, and I remembered I was in a public toilet dressed like Captain Birdseye during Fetish Week. I darted for the nearest cubicle and locked the door, just in time."


an excerpt from Yellow Peril - available now from Bound Editions

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Thanks for this good hint; sounds really interesting!

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