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Ocean 325g rain gear

created by TStorm56 24.12.2017 02:31 • last reply by salten3 24.12.2017 18:14Hi, I am thinking about buying Ocean 325g rain bib and smock but have a few questions     1) What does t...
3 posts videos help

created by bjortabjorta 20.12.2017 08:51 • last reply by Linox-Admin 21.12.2017 12:26Hi!  For some time now I can't seem to be able to watch any video posted on this website. I've tried safari chrome with or wi...
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Back to wearing rainwear under winter clothes

created by AmyK1972 15.10.2017 01:41 • last reply by WetPants 21.12.2017 11:11Now that colder weather has returned, I can no longer wear my rain pants and rain coat as outerwear and still be warm. I know of...
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Where to buy KIBA rainwear??

created by TStorm56 27.11.2017 00:03 • last reply by rainlatex 28.11.2017 10:41Hi everyone, a few weeks ago I saw this lovely heavy rainsuit on ebay de  
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Let's talk about... life jackets!

created by lifejaketguy 17.08.2017 17:10 • last reply by navigare 06.11.2017 13:18 Hey guys, I've already seen some more people here who are into life jackets like me. Maybe we can share ...
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Does anyone know where to buy it,

created by Gaard 14.10.2017 20:09 • last reply by freak77 28.10.2017 16:46Does anyone know where to buy it,
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Best Wellies for Men – We Review the Top 10 Best B

created by Gaard 09.10.2017 06:25 • last reply by Gaard 09.10.2017 08:44
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Rainwear fetish girl blogging

created by nerzman123 08.10.2017 18:40 • last reply by nerzman123 08.10.2017 18:40Hi folks,   Just recently a wonderful girl joined our team of
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Weathering of new rainwear

created by 3xL-Admin 08.10.2017 10:02 • last reply by 3xL-Admin 08.10.2017 10:02Hi all,   have you noticed how new rainwear are ridged and stiff and only becomes more soft and sometimes mor...
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Double Coated Rainwaer

created by tarokdk 05.10.2017 14:03 • last reply by Jacketbound 05.10.2017 19:34I´m looking for more options for buying double coated rainwear. I know GRUNDENS Harvestor series is double coated, but...
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