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26.10.2017 (358 Days Ago)

Rainwear prisoners

Rainwear Stories (1 posts)
Plastic Punishment Story 1
Plastic Punishment Story 1
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Plastic Punishment Story (mostly of females, rainwear, bondage, diapers)

Chapter 1: Beginnings and remembrance

My name is Kasper and this is a story from my university years in Copenhagen.
One of the first days of the fall semester of my sophomore year the sky had really opened up. There was thunder and very heavy rain mixed with hail stones. I had to get to the library and I had no other means to go there than to take my bike. Oh, well, I had my trusted rain set from Helly Hansen. I had bought it on the recommendation of a woman who I used to work with at the local carwash. She was definitely too old for me, but she had taught me the value and comfort of wearing heavy PVC rainwear also as an adult. The heavy orange PVC really looked geeky, but it would for sure keep me dry. I had in fact always loved the feel of this type of heavy raingear. I pulled on the pants and the anorak; put my feet down into my rubber boots, grabbed the sou’wester and opened the door. When I ventured into the street I felt strangely aroused. It was the combination of the feel of moving in the tough PVC and the odd looks people gave me. I recognized both feelings well from my adolescence and my mind was filled with the memories. Back then I had shared these feelings with a girl who was a year older than me. Where we grew up it was common practice to dress kids in PVC-covered bib-and-brace-style playpants for kindergarten. The thing with me and Matilde, that was her name, was that our parents continued to insist we wear these pants much longer than everybody else. For Matilde it was probably more her younger sister´s nanny that insisted on PVC clothing. The young Polish woman was of the definite opinion that Matilde was very immature and needed PVC clothes that were easy to rinse or wipe off. It was not an option. The last time we got new bib pants I was 12 and Matilde 13. The shop didn´t carry the large sizes we needed and a special order had to be made to a company abroad. We were both very embarrassed to have to wear the brightly colored bib pants which reached up to just under our chins and had loops of elastic band at the end of each trouser leg. These went under the soles of the obligatory rubber boots to keep everything in place. My pants were navy blue with extra thick patches of red material on my knees and butt. Hers had the opposite coloring. We sure were embarrassed to wear them in public, but we loved to play around in them in the small forest close to where we lived. We would jump without consideration into muddy puddles in the spring and fall, and slide down a snow covered hill in the winter. About a year later my mom and Matilde´s nanny stopped insisting that we should wear the pants even for walks in the forest, but Matilde and I would sometimes put them on by ourselves and get into the muddy spirit. For a couple of years, we also had a younger PVC playmate in Jennie, the daughter of an English diplomat who lived close by. Jennie was two years younger than me, but clad in the same type of PVC gear as we wore. We used to pick her up at her house and each time we had to solemnly promise to have her back before dinner. Jennie spent most of her time outdoors locked in a kind of large playpen where we would pick her up for our muddy adventures. The very last time this happened I was 16, Matilde 17, and Jennie 14. After playing around as usual we ended up in a small rotting shed which for some reason stood at the far end of the forest. Matilde and I started fondling each other and then we kissed. She was so very pretty, and the muddy PVC covering most of her body signaled somehow that it was ok to get intimate and sticky. If we hadn’t been suddenly interrupted I would probably have lost my virginity in that shed. We heard the sound of motorbikes outside and before we knew it two guys from Matilde’s school ripped open the door. One of them grabbed hold of her by her long hair and started to shout and mockingly laugh. The other one tried to get hold of me, but I was fast on my feet and managed to run out through the open door. He chased me for a while, but then gave up. Luckily I had had my sou’wester on my head when they entered and I was pretty sure they didn’t see my face. Otherwise there would probably have been hell to pay later. I later learned that Jennie had run home and locked herself in her playpen. After that I didn’t see much of Matilde and she never told me what happened later. We lost touch but I knew from her parents that she was studying in Copenhagen. During the year I had been at university I had not seen her, but then it was a big place and we studied very different things.
I took my bike and headed for the university campus and the library while all this was going through my head. When I got there I stepped off the bike and locked it to a railing, and there she suddenly was. Matilde came walking towards me smiling and waving. She was wearing a long pink designer raincoat in some modern material, but the sou'wester on her head was definitely PVC. When she came closer I saw she was also wearing red Hunter wellies and, yes definitely, red PVC rain-pants under the coat. We greeted each other warmly and started talking about all kinds of things. She told me she was majoring in psychology. When I told her about my biology studies she said that my outfit might come in handy for wet and messy field trips.
-Yeah, that will be useful! I actually got it when I worked at a carwash.
-But I suppose you also have a fetish for wearing it?
Wow! Did she really say that? I had to retort. I looked her over from head to toe with a critical face.
-Look who is talking about having a fetish!
She then undid the zipper of her coat a bit to reveal that the pants were actually high bib pants with the PVC-covered bib well above her breasts.
- They are Grundéns. Not as high under the chin as we were used to but still.
- Its really great to see you Matilde, but I really have to start working.
- So do I. See you for lunch in the cafeteria? Around 12.30?
- See you then!
The morning went by very slowly and I had difficulties focusing on the work I had set myself to do. Then finally when the clock in the big main hall of the library showed 12.23 I could not delay any longer and I left my desk where my orange PVC gear hang drying on the chair and headed for the cafeteria. At first I could not see her, but then I was early as well. Then I saw her at the far end at a table. And she still wore the bib-pants! Indoors! I scrambled over to the counter and bought myself a sandwich and a drink. I then made my way through the crowd over to where she was sitting. She had company with a woman, and she half-rose from her seat.
- There you are! This is my tutor for the paper I will write later on. Silke is a professor of psychology, and this is my old plastic playmate Kasper, now becoming a biologist.
We shook hands and I sat down next no Matilde. It was apparent that they had had a discussion on the topic for Matilde’s upcoming paper.
- I think it’s a great idea Matilde to study how people react to other people who break the social norms and behave oddly, but if you have to be seriously committed if you are to use yourself as the provoker.
- But I really am! Look at me!
- Not nearly enough to just walk around campus in rainwear. Let´s make it a bit more challenging and then we´ll give it another week and see what you feel then.
Silke took out a fat marker pen from her purse, unscrewed the top and started to write something with very large letters on the bib of Matildes pants. When she was done I could read “MESSY MATILDE” in large black letters. Then Silke left.
It was all a bit much to take in for me, but I felt I had to say something.
- So this is why you wear the pants?
- Like you said, it’s an excuse to do so.
- You really like that feeling, don’t you?
- Don´t you miss it from our childhood?
- Sometimes, but I compensate as you saw this morning.
- It’s not the same when you can choose yourself, at least not for me.
- I think I can relate to that. Should I call you Messy Matilde?
- Go head! I’m stuck in these till I have proved to Silke I dare to be really embarrassed in public.
- You were usually muddier than me, so it fits!
She had food in her mouth and she made a face at me with her mouth open, purposely drooling the half-chewed food onto her bib. She looked down at the mess and then took a napkin and wiped the area reasonably clean. I had to find out a bit more what was behind this behavior.
- Is it a sexual fetish for you?
- In a way. Fetish? Yes. Submissive? Yes. I thought you might feel the same?
- I do, but I wouldn´t subject myself to it in public like you seem to do.
- Not even if it was in a place where nobody knew you?
- I don´t know. Haven’t thought about it, but maybe.
- Is there a girlfriend?
- Not now. Have had a few, but none with messy rainwear fantasies. How about you?
- There is no one.

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  •  Gilerajohannes wrote 220 Days Ago (positive) 
    When will the next chapter be written? I realy like the story and want to read more :D.
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  •  Gumbound wrote 284 Days Ago (positive) 
    Wow, what a great story! Well written, would really like to read more of this!
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  •  WetPants wrote 302 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Wonderful, continue please
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  •  Gilerajohannes wrote 314 Days Ago (neutral) 
    When will the story continue ?.
    0 points
  •  Gilerajohannes wrote 342 Days Ago (positive) 
    Hmm is this shop real or is it just made op in the story? hope that there will be more :D
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